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Paper Plains - Galerie Kornfeld

  • GALERIE KORNFELD Fasanenstrasse 26 D-10719 Berlin Germany (map)

Source: Galerie Kornfeld Announcement

Gallery Artists:
Maliheh Afnan, Stéphane Couturier, Robert Fry, Hubertus Hamm, Franziska Klotz, Tamara Kvesitadze, Alexander Polzin, Susanne Roewer, Hubert Scheibl, Leonardo Silaghi, Sonny Sanjay Vadgama

Guest Artists:
Paul D’Agostino, Ksenia Baranova, Hilary Baldwin, Ben Hilario-Caguiat, Khatia Esartia, Shannon Finnegan, Gorzo, Christopher Moss, Sophy Naess, Joanna Stokes, Jannis Varelas

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
In a rapidly digitalising (art)world with the means to print perfect 3D sculptures, generate slick flawless imagery on photoshop and immaterial artworks making their way into galleries, it is curious to witness the return of paper as an important medium for artists.

Despite the fact that the press, books and even the financial sector are fading out paper more and more, the artworld is seeing a big comeback of this historical and faithful material. Partly a deliberate stance against the digitalization, many artists articulate a desire for tactility and making in their practice.

For this latest exhibition, we have invited our entire roster of artists to make and exhibit new works on paper. For most of them paper is part of their practice anyway, be it for sketching, drafting or folding. Whereas Sonny Sanjay Vadgama's analog re-photographed prints consciously look as if they are digitally manipulated and expose how much digital effects have informed our reading of materials, Maliheh Afnan ages paper artificially, thereby creating the notion of an historical artefact. Hubertus Hamm blurs the line of photography and collage in his winter landscapes and Robert Fry has long been producing witty etchings, re-inventing an old printform on paper to match current concerns.

In addition to the rare occasion of having works by all gallery artists under the same roof, the second gallery space will host a curated selection of A4 sized works on archival drawing paper by young American artists. Commissioned by collectors, Susan and Michael Hort. Based in New York City, the internationaly-renowned Hort contemporary art collection consists of over 3.000 artworks and has a strong emphasis on painting and works on paper.

The exhibition “Paper Plains” will show a wide spectrum of techniques to working on paper, including etchings, prints, photographs, drawings and paintings. It brings together established artists with young emerging producers, tracing the significance of this simultaneously ancient and contemporary medium.

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