The Melt


< Name > "The Melt"

< Series > Lollipop

< Dimensions > H. 6 x W. 9 3/8  x D. 6 3/4 in. (15.2 x 23.8 x 17.2 cm.) • 4 lbs. 10 oz. (1.9 kg.)

< Creation Date > 2013

< Material > Steel

< Status > Reserved


2014 - (February 18 - March 30) School of Visual Arts 209 East 23rd Street - Lobby Hallway, NYC, 10010


The lollipop series was inspired by vivid candy colors and a love for all things anime. This MIG welded steel is the third and final piece in the series and is named "The Melt." The solid block with a wee bit missing implies an attempt to maintain posture while its supporting armatures are doing whatever they like. Oddly, it succeeds just enough to stay barely above its resting place. Unknown energy radiates in all directions that both signals defiance or an attempt to call for assistance. Of the three in the series, only "The Melt" has two possible stances. The first is resting on an arm and one small square block at its rear. The second is resting on the four small blocks, which gives a unique double-jointed twisting maneuver revealing my signature, year of creation and TORNADi logo. The metal is cool to the touch and is finely sprayed with three layers of Krylon UV-Resistant acrylic coats for a healthy archival protective sheen. The steel is colored with a combination of paste and oil dyes. The textures are derived from grinding, sanding or brush techniques.